Thought that every thing in 2020 was going to be cancelled? Well, the Dutchess County Fair might have been cancelled, but those 4H members have been working hard and will still be holding their annual livestock auction.

The auction will take place Sunday August 30th, 2020 at 12:00 PM. Think that you have to get in the car and head to the closed fairgrounds to participate? Think again, this is one of the ways that 2020 has changed auctions (among other things). This year the auction and bidding will all be done online.

Remember these kids have worked hard all year, with the intention of competing at the fair. This is one of those events that they 'competed in.' The auction is a part of that fair experience.

Remember, these kids are about so much more than just milkshakes. Best of luck next year and keep up the hard work and the dedication.

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