Dunkin' officially closed five Hudson Valley locations.

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Back in July, Hudson Valley Post reported Dunkin' confirmed plans to close around 450 locations, mostly on the East Coast, by the end of 2020. All of the Dunkin' closures are stores located inside Speedway gas stations.

In the Hudson Valley, there were Dunkin' stores inside Speedway locations in Highland, New Windsor, Saugerties and two in Kingston according to Google Maps. Those stores remained open in July. At the time, it was unclear when the locations would close.

On Oct. 29, a financial report published by Dunkin' Brands reported the company closed 447 Speedway locations. Hudson Valley Post has since confirmed all five Dunkin' Speedway locations have officially closed. It's unclear exactly when those locations shutdown.

"For many Dunkin' U.S. franchisees, closing these restaurants will enable them to do greater reinvestment into the brand whether through Next Generation remodels, building new restaurants, or relocating restaurants to higher-traffic areas," Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc Chief Financial Officer Kate Jaspon said.

The locations originally opened when Dunkin' reached an agreement with Hess. Speedway bought in Hess in 2014. Most of the Speedway Dunkin' locations offered limited menus. The Speedway locations didn't sell cold drinks, sandwiches, or espresso. They also didn't offer mobile ordering or accept the Dunkin' loyalty program.

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