A new study is showing how well New York ranks with the safety of teen drivers.

I remember it like it was just yesterday...I got my license and I had a list of places that I wanted to drive to and check out. I was so excited about it, but my parents were more worried about their teen who was new to driving. I know they had many sleepless nights worrying if I'd get home safe and they always reminded me to be extra cautious while driving. A new study has come out about the safest states for teens to drive in and New York did pretty well on it.


How does New York state rank when it comes to the safest states to drive in for teens?

According to WalletHub, New York ranked #2 when it comes to the safest state, it's neighbor Connecticut came in at #4. I hate to even talk about this, but when it comes to teen driver fatalities per teen population New York is #1 with the fewest fatalities. Sadly, Montana ranked as one of the worst states.

How were the results determined for this teen driving study?

According to sources,, the data was determined by looking at teen driver fatalities, the average cost of car repairs and the presence of impaired driving laws in each state. All very important factors when it comes to driving.

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It's important to remember to drive extra safely no matter what age you are. Everyone just wants to get home safely so be extra cautious on the roadways.

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