Did you play with these toys as a young kid? Do you think that they are Hall of Fame worthy?

I know that my Dad would not let my sisters and I play with any dolls, it wasn't because he was trying to 'keep us tough' it was because the sounds the three of us made fighting over different dolls made him nuts so he just banned the dolls.

Another pet peeve of my father, was sidewalk chalk. Yep, he was a little tough, but his reason for this? Since the chalk would stay until it rained, everyone walking through and over the chalk would bring the chalk remnants on their shoes into the house.

Did I have a good childhood? Absolutely I did!  My sisters and I had to have found our own things to play with, which I do remember included bicycles, definitely with out helmets, and even occasionally without shoes. My son, had a helmet and full body armour when he would ride his bike. A bit overkill? Maybe.

The three toys pictured above, where the ones that made it into the Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY for 2020. Now, if you look at them and go, huh? Then maybe you didn't play with them? If you look at them and day to yourself 'Of Course They Belong There!' then you know about the hours of fun they gave you while you were playing.

What will the nominees for 2021 be? When will we find out the nominees and the finalists? Soon. Click here for the entire Toy Hall of Fame list. 

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