This may be a very odd question: Do you call your significant other by their actual name?

Over the last few weeks, I've realized a weird habit of mine. When I'm in a group setting with my wife Sarah, I don't use her name when talking to her. I still ask her questions, I still talk and engage with her and others, but won't use her name. Is this weird?

When I'm telling stories about my wife and I to others, I will use her name. I will say things like "this weekend Sarah and I did XYZ" or "Sarah and I haven't watched that yet", but when it comes to a group setting, I don't use her name.

After talking to her about this, I learned that she doesn't use my name either. When we are at home, we will say "baby" or "babe", but not use our actual names. We took several calls on the air with listeners, and many are just like my wife and I.

Are you you in a similar situation?

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When the question was asked on Qurora, similar responses came out to my defense. Here's what one poster said about referring to their significant other by name:

For the same reason that writers don’t use the full name of each character every time they reference them: it’s annoyingly repetitive and we have formed an amazing amount of linguistic tricks around that.

I actually love that - I love pet names, how they’re come up with, how they vary from language to language and country to country. Compliments too, and how they form - imagine if you will, someone you find attractive saying to you, “you have such beautiful eyes.”"

So where do you stand?

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