For the last 11 or 12 years there has been a holiday celebration that has taken place in Rhinebeck the first Saturday in December. This year, yes, because of Covid, it has been cancelled. There will be a chance for people to participate in a very different version of it this year, one that you might refer to as a 'save the date' for Sinterklaas 2021.

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This is one of those old fashioned Christmas celebrations with Dutch roots, called Sinterklaas. The Dutch tradition has Sinterklaas and Grumpus and a whole bunch of other characters that is hard for me to understand, let alone explain it to someone else.

What is appealing about it, even though I do not truly understand the mirth behind the tradition, is the way that the entire Town of Rhinebeck gathers together and participates in a free festival. Yes, there is no charge for the visitors, and guests of Rhinebeck to participate. Yes, there are fundraisers throughout the year, there are also items available for purchase, with those funds going to help pay for the 250 plus performers, the art supplies, etc.

If you have ever happened to find yourself in Rhinebeck accidentally on this day, your first thought was probably "Why can't I get a parking spot anywhere?" The parade kicks off at night, the Village of Rhinebeck is illuminated with little lights, and the streets come alive with a parade of performers.

While Sinterklaas as it has come to be known in Rhinebeck is cancelled this year, there is a sort of way to have the young ones participate. Starting Thanksgiving Day, you can watch a 10-minute film that will be on a loop in the window of the store, located on Market Street in Rhinebeck, Winter Sun and Summer Moon. The 10-minute movie, tells the story about how the Frog was invited to lead the celebration this year, but how the parade and festivities had to be cancelled because of the pandemic.

After watching the film, you are encouraged to go to Samuel's Sweet Shop, where you can get your gummy frogs and stars to help illuminate the way for next years festival.

For more details about this years cancellation and what the team has planned for next year, click here for the Sinterklaas website. 

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