Growing up, did you ever save the wrappers from the Spangler's 'Dum Dum' lollipops? The idea behind saving the wrappers, was that when you collected a certain amount of them you could mail them back to the company and get prizes (each prize was assigned a value of how many wrappers you needed to save for it).

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My son was obsessed with this. He would stack his wrappers in a special spot and keep count of them. Don't misunderstand me, he was not a candy addict, he would just know that he could get one Dum Dum from the bank, another one from a local store, etc. Then before we knew it there would be a stack of them. "How close are you Buddy? Not yet Mom."

The day when we finally sent those wrappers off was a great one. Yes, there was the 4 to 6 week wait, for whatever the item was that he was looking for, but it was an over all lesson in patience and planning.

Spangler announced that they would be suspending the Wrappers-For-Prizes promotion (after 70 years) on May 31, 2020. While things have changed since my son participated (the mailing of the wrappers back to the company ended in 2016), there are still ways that you could benefit from all of those lollipops.

The company did say that at this time they are only suspending the program and are reserving the right to bring it back some point in the future.

Did you ever save those wrappers? What did you send away for? Let us know.

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