You've heard of a haunted house or a haunted trail, but have you ever heard of a haunted tree? You're about to. There's an infamous one in New Jersey.

Have you heard of Devil's Tree?

One story says that Bernards Township in Somerset County was the home of the New Jersey KKK. Horrific acts were supposedly performed at this tree.

Another popular tale is that a local farmer killed his entire family, then went to the tree to hang himself.

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As you can see, the tree is marked by axes and chainsaws. According to Weird NJ, many attempts to topple this looming oak tree have been unsuccessful. It's worth noting that visitors are warned not to try to cut this tree down, as anyone who does quickly meets an untimely death. The fear of this tree is very real. So many people have tried to cut it down, that chain link is often wrapped around the base.

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To this day, many claim that if you "disrespect" the tree, you will encounter misfortune. Legend has it that one man urinated on the tree and hit a deer while driving home. Another simply badmouthed the tree and got an instant nose bleed. Friends claim after shooting a video, one of them pitched in their State Championship baseball game and gave up 9 runs in the first inning before being pulled. These are just a few of the stories.

Devil's Tree is located in a field off Mountain Rd. in Bernards Township.

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