The opening of the canal system in upstate New York will be delayed further due to work stoppages brought on by COVID-19. According to a press release from the New York State Canal Corporation, the waterway will not open 'for through navigation of the locks' on May 15th as previously announced.

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Crews were preparing infrastructure along the waterway when work stopped in March as all non-essential work was put on hold. They are reportedly looking at options for local communities to use the canals on a recreational basis regionally this summer.

According to the New York State Canal site, it typically takes a minimum of five days to travel by boat between Albany and Buffalo on the Erie Canal. It begins where the Hudson River and Mohawk Rivers meet at Waterford, north of Albany. That meets up with the Niagra River north of Buffalo.

The Canal Corporation will be including updates in their Notice to Mariners program and on their social media pages.


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