So it is day 15 at home in April. Week five has started in Pause New York and I am trying to keep the ideas flowing for what you can do to stay busy. I think I have found a fun one, stretching. Best of This Life has published 30 Things to do in April and number 14 is to "create a new stretching routine".

When I have been sitting around for a while there is nothing better than a big stretch. Like a cat I have to reach as far as I can and then shake it off one limb at a time. A big stretch after you have been sitting or even standing in one position can make you feel refreshed. Have you ever notice that a dog always stretches when they get up off the couch?

Best of This Life actually suggests that you come up with a whole new routine. Try  moves and stretches you have never done before. They suggest 5 minutes and moves you have never tried. So tomorrow after you have watched your 2nd hour of TV, hop off that chair and bend like you never thought you could. But please be careful it is always fun until someone gets hurt.

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