When you were a kid and you would save money to get someone to take you to the store to buy a magazine, what magazine would you buy? Is it still in print?

If you are like me, you might have tried to go ahead and 'read' a magazine on a digital edition and maybe if you have some fancy tablet it will work fantastically. I tried, I still can get passed the physical print copy of a book or a magazine. I have gotten past needing to use a catalog to shop, thank you every website with shopping cart technology. I have adapted to e-books, even love checking them out from the library, but I just can't get past not having a magazine.

So when I heard that another magazine was ending their print edition, Cycle World, I was saddened. The magazine was first published in 1962, and eventually became the go-to guide for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. They would have all of the latest bikes, review on them, plus reviews on gear and equipment. Maybe you could even consider it to be (at one time) the Christmas Wish Book of Motorcycle Riders.

The magazine in question is not necessarily one that I have ever spent any time flipping through the pages, but I can just imagine being the kid pulling down one of the magazines, flipping through the pages, dreaming of the day where they might one day own one of those fancy machines or using it as the resource it had become to riders everywhere.

Sure they have transitioned into a one hundred percent online model, but will it still be as accessible to those 10-year-old dreamers?

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