More than ever, the idea of healing crystals is being understood by many. While some may consider this to be a trend, it is also a lifestyle for many.

Holistic health and alternative medicine is ever increasing with their popularity. New Age practices and beliefs have also become popular. 

How Do You Interpret The Word, Crystal?


While some folks believe that crystals are rocks, others believe and feel the energy and special properties behind them. Personal views and beliefs determine one's ability to understand or have an interest in crystals and their powers.

Whether you use crystals in your home, at your job, to carry with you, or even wear on yourself, there are many ways that they can be used.

Crystals are now a billion-dollar industry.

Do You Have An Issue? There's A Crystal For That.


Depending on the crystal owner, everyone's beliefs may vary depending on the properties that each crystal contains. Rose quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love while Citrine is known for abundance, positivity and optimism.

Shungite has helped me when I'm feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated. This is a great crystal to keep attached to your phone.

How Old Is The Oldest Crystal That You Have?


Whether it's one that you found, received as a gift or bought for yourself, what makes it special? This is always a good question to ask when keeping or cleansing your crystals. 

This Hudson Valley Town Has An Unique, Historic Crystal

Rhinebeck, NY is a town located in Dutchess County, NY. Some may also refer to it as a small or quaint village with sophistication. There are historic homes, beautiful architecture to see, museums, galleries and more. For nature lovers, there are also hiking and biking trails.

Rhinebeck, previously known as Kipsbergen, has a very old crystal.

In the Fall of 2008, according to the Museum of Rhinebeck History,

"We received a very large quartz crystal. At 500,000 years of age, it is probably the oldest piece of Rhinebeck history. It is on loan to us through the generosity and foresight of Wally and Mary Knapp, who had acquired it in 2000 from Dr Edward Dunlap, who quarried it from a 60 acre tract he owned on Enterprise Road. In November, the crystal will go on permanent display at the New York State Museum in Albany, where it will become part of the permanent geological collection."

What's the oldest thing that you own? Is it a crystal? Share with us below.

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