When two companies team up to make a new product, everyone wins, right? Crown Maple Syrup, located at Madava Farms in Dover Plains, has teamed up with the distillery in Rosendale, Widow Jane to make a tasty product that is a great way to support local.

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According to an email from Crown Maple, here is some information about this new craft bourbon:

Introducing Widow Jane Decadence.
An enticing collaboration between Widow Jane and Crown Maple. 

A blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskeys Finished in Maple Syrup Barrels. There is no other word to describe this. Widow Jane took some of their legendary 10 year old Bourbons & finished them in barrels that held New York’s finest artisanal maple syrup from Crown Maple®. The result is a rich, creamy-smooth & slightly sweet mouthful of whiskey flavor that is way beyond good. Its decadent.

Do not be thinking that this is one of those "Maple Flavored Whiskies." This is a blend of Straight Bourbons (bourbons with a certain proof that are over 4 years of age) that after they spent time becoming a great tasting bourbon in their own right, kind of 'took a nap' in barrels that had taken a nap with some maple syrup.

While it could start to sound like a steamy love affair, the end result is a sipping bourbon with flavor notes of brown sugar, toasted oak, roasted pecans and a kiss of cinnamon. There is a reason that they named this particular venture between the two companies, "Decadence." Will this be something that you serve with your pancakes? While no one will stop you, a nice rocks glass would probably suit the bourbon well. Cheers!

Do you have a favorite local whiskey or spirit that you think I should try? Let me know about it, Brandi@943LiteFM.com.

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