I enjoy whiskey. My go to whiskey is almost always Bourbon. Not exactly sure what draws me to that more than say an Irish Whiskey or a Scotch. Based on my 'very careful research' lol, I have put together a list of bourbons that would make great gifts for the Dad, the Grad, the person who's getting married, the person who just had a baby, etc.

I have not been paid by anyone to put their whiskey on the list, I have tried (and enjoyed) each and every one of these.

What I tried not to include where the ones that you would just not be able to find, ie the Pappy's (only the 15 year is worth it) or the Blanton's which although lots of people like them and rave about them, they are not easily found in our area.

The best piece of advice that I could give you, try everything, read everything, take notes and then make your own decision. If there is one that you think I missed, email me, I will put it on my radar to try, maybe I just haven't tried it yet? I love locally made Hudson Valley and New York State whiskies and think there are so many great drams for us to all try and discuss. Cheers! Enjoy.

16 Bourbons That Will Wow Even Jaded Bourbon Lovers

Don't know what to get Dad for Father's Day? Need a great Groom's or Graduation Gift for the Bourbon Lover? These will score you serious points.

Denning's Point Distillery

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