Will there be enough cookies for Santa and all of his elves, also known as you, this Christmas? Pepperidge Farm, the people who make the Milano's, Chessmen and the Sausalito's, have recently announced that they might experience a 'cookie shortage' before the end of 2020.

Why? At this point in any conv

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ersation the answer to most questions is the word, COVID, this is no exception to that. During the beginning stages of the pandemic the Pepperidge Farm bakeries (owned by Campbell's Soup company), had to shut down and in some cases reduce production of America's favorites, as their bakeries were affected by stay-at-home orders, etc.

What was happening when these  bakeries were closed was (according to the report from Top Data, is that cookie consumption increased 36.2% during those darkest Covid days.

As most people were complaining of the Covid 15 or 19 pounds that they had gained by staying in, and thus allegedly staying healthy, they were eating more cookies. One of the brands with the most sales growth was Pepperidge Farms.

The real questions, will there be enough cookies for all of us through the end of the year? And what is Santa's favorite cookie? While I cannot answer the question about what Santa's favorite, I can answer that yes, there will be cookies available for the holiday. Check your store shelves, there has been a few times over the last couple of weeks when you may have found an empty store shelf, but you should start to see stock levels return to normal.

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