By living in the Hudson Valley, we may be biased that where we reside is the best location around. In fact, this may be a true statement.

The Hudson Valley is filled with beautiful views all year round with 4 seasons, an extensive amount of fascinating history and endless amounts of activities and events to be a part of.

The Hudson Valley has been expanding over the past couple of years which has brought more communities together, created more jobs and introduced different experiences into our area.

Some villages and towns stand out more than others when it comes to those who are looking for something for everyone in the family or friend group.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Cornwall, NY Is A Great Place To Live

Canva, YouTube, Dave Sirota
Canva, YouTube, Dave Sirota

1). Cornwall Has The Best of Both Worlds With Its Beauty And Prime Location To New York City

Cornwall is located in Orange County, NY. It is known for its beauty and close proximity to New York City. Those who want to view mother nature, breathtaking mountains and spend time outdoors can do so. Cornwall also has scenic trails to explore as well. Those who want to go back and forth to New York City are able to do so easily with a quick drive or train ride.

Main Street in Cornwall is a popular attraction but the outdoor activities are even more popular. Those who visit Cornwall, NY enjoy Storm King Art Center and State Park, Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, Black Rock Forest Consortium and more.

2.) Cornwall Has A Fascinating Historical Background To Learn About

According to Cornwall Historical Society, this town was founded in 1788 by British families who were often referred to as Quakers.

It was known for being,

"An early 19th century post for shipment of county agricultural products, it was popularized in mid-century by resident writer Nathaniel P. Willis for its Hudson Highlands scenery, healthful climate and easy access via river steamers."


"The town's largest industry was the Firth Carpet Company (1886-1962). Now a residential community, its farms and estates have been converted into housing developments. Tourist sites are the Storm King Art Center, a famous outdoor sculpture park; the 1760's Sands-Ring House, residence of a Quaker family; and Kenridge Farm, a nature museum. "


3.) Cornwall Has A Town And Village To Explore All In One

The Town of Cornwall is different from the Village of Cornwall. 

According to the Cornwall Historical Society, the village of Cornwall came into play in 1884 which is known as just a part of the actual town that borders the beautiful and scenic Hudson River.

"The name was changed to Cornwall on Hudson. The first mayor, Thomas Taft, organized electrical and telephone companies in the 1890's; he also headed Mead and Taft Company which built homes and public buildings, several for summer residents whose estates lined the bluffs above the riverside railroad yards and docks, also on mountain heights."


"Some of these families contributed to the community: the Matthiessens, a library, the Stillmans, a printing press and hospital. The proposed Con Ed Hydroelectric plant at Storm King Mountain stirred up a 17-year controversy until abandoned in 1980, leaving the village with a fine riverfront park."

4.) Cornwall Was Voted One Of The "Safest And Most Peaceful Places To Live In New York"

According to,

Cornwall ranked #8 out of 15 of the "safest and most peaceful places to live in New York."

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They stated that, 

"Another one of our small and charming towns to make the list, Cornwall can be found in Orange County (which seems like an overall safe little county) with a population of just over 9,500 residents. There's plenty to see and do in this gorgeous little town, and it's worth exploring. While the town's property crime rate score was a 0.7, Cornwall only had a 0.2 score for their violent crime rate. Nice!"

This charming Hudson Valley location can be considered as a fan favorite.

5.) Cornwall's Main Street Is Filled With Local Businesses To Enjoy


Main Street in Cornwall could look like a Hallmark Movie Channel setting. There is a pharmacy, a variety of different salons, numerous coffee shops, a diverse selection of food options from Italian to Thai and more. Walking up and down Main Street can be relaxing as you get to explore and learn more about this quaint town.

Have you ever been to Cornwall, NY before? Share your experience with us below.

Historic Cornwall on Hudson, NY Business For Sale

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