There's a cemetery near St. Louis, Missouri that can only be described as lonely and forgotten. Others refer to it as extremely haunted with stories of voices being heard and visitors being pushed. There is also video proof that many animals will refuse to enter the area.

See A Ghost did an exploration of the Conway Slave Cemetery near Chesterfield a few years ago. If you've driven to St. Louis down Highway 61, you've likely driven right by this place without even knowing it. The legend says that many slaves were buried in this cemetery although there's only 1 headstone remaining which says "Here Lies the Conway Slaves Known Only to God".

Pay special attention to this man's dog who refuses to join him in the slave part of the cemetery.

There's a more recent exploration of the Conway Cemetery that tells more of the visitors who have been pushed and, in one case, shoved completely out of the cemetery. You'll see that most of these headstones date back to the late 1700's and early 1800's.

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No one knows exactly how many unnamed slaves were laid to rest in this place. Such a sad legacy to have so many souls who were forgotten by the world with nothing left to commemorate their life on Earth.

I have no doubt that many of the stories that are tied to the Conway family cemetery are more urban legend than truth, but there is a sadness here that may manifest itself in real energy. Energy that visitors would do well to respect if they dare visit there.

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