There's no feeling like being alone in the woods of Missouri. With nothing but the trees and wildlife around you, it's a peace that's hard to describe. However, the peace was suddenly broken not that long ago when a Missouri man heard a scream that made his skin crawl in the woods near his home next to the Current River.

This was one of my favorite interviews from the Missouri YouTube Channel Sasquatch Theory. Here's their description of what happened that caused this man to wonder what was in the woods with him:

In this video, I interview Michael from southeast Missouri! He has had a fairly close encounter with a Bigfoot creature. Michael describes the blood-curdling screams from the back of his property to 300lb hogs going missing, rock clacking, and more! This area is truly frightening because a person could easily become lost.

So, it was not just the sound, but also huge hogs that suddenly went missing. Chilling.

Michael said he first witnessed the creature on a gravel road where he was about 75 yards away from the beast. His description is similar to what a Star Wars fan would know as Chewbacca. His home is located near the Current River where a hunter was also reported missing not that long ago.

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My dad always told me you can tell if a man is telling the truth by his eyes. Using that measure, I really believe that Michael believes the story he's telling. It doesn't mean that he saw Bigfoot necessarily, but I do believe that he believes something paranormal happened to him in those woods. It's another mystery in the Missouri woods that has yet to be solved.

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