More than ever, heading out with friends, family members or co-workers for a nice cocktail seems like the right idea. While out, we'll be sure to grab the most perfect picture of our fancy drink, capture the best boomerang, and be sure to cheer together.

There's something so fulfilling about being out with those who you care about the most, enjoying a nice dinner and your favorite signature cocktail.

The Hudson Valley has cocktails with some scandalous names.

Here in the Hudson Valley, there are not only so many great places to grab something to eat, but also enjoy a mouth-watering mixed drink by local bartenders. It seems that almost every place has a drink menu with really neat names, homemade cocktail recipes, and one-of-a-kind concoctions.

Check out the list of cocktails with humorous names below.

The Table

73 Clinton St, Montgomery NY 12549

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Located in the historic village of Montgomery, The Table seems to be a fan favorite. These cocktails can be served on-site or taken for to-go options. I would have to say that these two are my favorite cocktail names from The Table.

Bend Me Over At The Gas Pump

This cocktail consists of vodka, triple sec, blood orange, and lime.

Thank You For Being A Friend

This cocktail consists of tequila, blackberry puree, lime, and triple sec.

Take a look at their full cocktail menu here with the description of each mixed drink.

Pharmacy Kitchen & Bar

62 W Main St, Goshen NY 10924

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Located in the village of Goshen, this spot draws you in with the neon signs that shine throughout the place. These cocktails are made on-site with fresh-pressed juices, homemade bitters, and tinctures. I would say that these two are my favorite dessert shot names from Pharmacy Kitchen & Bar.

Heavy D, We Got Our Own Thang

This shot consists of coffee, Frangelico, and cream.

That Screwball Will Mess You Up For Days

This shot consists of peanut butter whiskey and chocolate.

Take a look at their full cocktail menu and shots here.


21 Church St, New Paltz NY 12561

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Located in the heart of New Paltz, this hidden gem brings a healthier sense to every cocktail. With the option of lavender essence, grapefruit, lemongrass, ginger and other alternatives to make them super tasty. I would say that these two are my favorite cocktail names from Huckleberry.

Spooky Lady Sideshow

This cocktail consists of mezcal, Aperol, lavender, honey, grapefruit, lemon, and lavender bitters.

Canadian Tuxedo

This cocktail consists of henry clay rye, burnt maple, cocci Torino, Peychaud's, and angostura.

Take a look at their food menu, cocktails, and mocktails list here.

What has been the funniest cocktail name that you came across or had a drink of? Share your story with us below.

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