I believe that retail therapy is the best therapy that there is. Whether you head to mall and pick out a few, new outfits, treat yourself to a spa day or visit your local consignment shop. There is something about receiving new items  for yourself that is uplifting, as we all know well.

I have gone to consignment shops and sold items before and it is fun. Have you ever attended a clothing swap though? A few years back, my friends and I decided to do this, but I have never heard of an actual event. I was happy to share this information when I learned about it because this seems neat.

There's going to be a clothing swap with Artful Mending and La vie après l'amour. This event will take place on Saturday, May 22nd from 1pm until 4pm and the admission is free.

For me, I love purging items and clothes at least once a month. I find myself donating them, selling them online or giving them to my friends. This is an opportunity to clean out your closet and space, get rid of the old and bring in the new.

The neatest part of this event is that if you have an item, clothing that is missing a piece of something or has a hole, you can bring it to this event and their team will bring it back to life.

Where has this event been my entire life, ha-ha.

Have you ever heard of La vie après l’amour? They are a local clothing brand and take pride in nature which drives them to do the best for our communities and planet but also while staying in stye.

Clothing swaps are great because they allow recycled clothes to have another round with a new owner.  Have you ever done one before? Let us know below.

Check out the address and contact information below to find out more.

The O Zone, 148 Pitcher Lane in Red Hook

They can be reached by 845-835-8091

Check out their email here.

Details about The O Zone can also be found here.

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