If you have been to or live in Orange County, then I’m sure that you have heard about Elsie the Cow. If this isn’t the case, let me fill you in. Elsie the Cow is known all throughout the Hamlet of Wallkill especially for being a top mascot.

Goshen is known for their horses throughout the village while Catskill is famous for the cat statues throughout the town. We live in such a great community in which each town takes pride in something that symbolizes itself and the history.

Most recently, Vision of Wallkill which is also known as VOW is now taking the cow theme to another level. The creation of VOW’S COWS has been born which consists of wooden cows that have been created by artists and are beautifully painted.

VOW COWS take pride in their local artists within the area of all ages and giving them a chance to show off their masterpieces during all occasions.

If you absolutely love cows, love local art, or just want a piece of the Hudson Valley in your space, then this article is made for you. You can now reserve your own personal cow as of this month. There is a donation of $50.

On the other hand, if you would like to reserve a cow to paint, you can do so by reaching out to 845 851 8105 or even by message on Facebook. Check out their wooden cow designs here. These wooden cows come primed and will be available for pick up on Saturday March 13th at 10am-12pm located at the Shawangunk Town Hall.

These donations and funds will then help support the idea of the cow themed town and the Vision of Wallkill and their meetings.

Do you like cows? Would you purchase one of these? Share with us below.

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