So I recently went looking (or maybe the better word is browsing) in the car world. Not that I am unhappy with my car, but as an enthusiast, I like to know what is going on with the new cars coming out. Combine that with having friends who work at auto dealerships, who are also car nuts, cars, options on cars, tires, wheels, accessories, etc. often end up becoming the topic of conversation.

When I was at Mini getting my car serviced, the guys were telling me that I had better hang on to my car because the likelihood of me being able to find something that I want (in that brand) was going to be tough because the manual transmission was being phased out. I do believe that Mini in the US, did not offer any of their 2020 models in a manual transmission. Was it available on a special order? I am not sure.

So ok, Mini was out, let's check out the Fiat, the new Bronco, the Ford Ranger, and while I am on the lots, a few other things.

The verdict? None of them are available in a manual transmission. There was a day when manual transmissions outnumbered automatics. When was that? I have no idea, but it is one of the random car facts that the people I hang out with swear to me is true, of course I believe them.

Yes, over the last few years, I have seen less and less cars (regardless of brand/model) being available in a manual. Doing some research, I found an article in Car and Driver magazine from 2010, talking about this same thing, that pretty much alluded to 'enjoy it while you can kids' but that no one wanted to drive and have to work that hard.

It was in that particular article, I found an online group that called themselves "Save the Manuals." Sweet, I thought. That was until I checked out their Facebook page (that was what was listed as their website) it had not been updated since 2014. So apparently even the "Save the Manuals" people have stopped saving the manuals.

Did you ever learn to drive a standard or manual transmission? Did you take your drivers test on one? Could you get behind the wheel of one and make it work? Or two-pedals are plenty thank you?

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UP NEXT: See how much gasoline cost the year you started driving

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