I know I can't be the only one who has dreamed of living on an apple orchard. I can't help it, Hallmark movies have convinced me that the perfect life is built on some type of farm in upstate New York.

Our dreams may be coming true. According to a listing on Zillow, there is currently an 80-acre farm is up for sale in Columbia County.

The Zillow post basically reads out of a dreamy Hallmark movie plot:

Now offering the quintessential Hudson Valley farm & apple orchard destination! Sweeping views of the Catskill Mountains & Berkshires, perfect setting for your new life and business! What is your vision? Farm stand, craft brewery, winery or distillery? Farm-to-table restaurant? Wedding or event space? Boutique family business, farm, orchard or agritourism? Hops or hemp farm?

Not only is the Ghent farm a u-pick apple orchard they also grow blackberries, blueberries, cherries, gooseberries, peaches, plums and apricots, raspberries & strawberries.

The property has everything you need to live out your farm life dream, a petting zoo, 2 ponds, tons of land, "a modern" 9,000 square foot farm stand and retail space and warehouse.

You can get more details about this beautiful property and the full listing at Zillow.com. 

So, who wants to go halfsies on the farm with me?

Charming 80-Acre Hudson Valley Apple Orchard and Farm Stand Could Be Yours

It sounds like the plot to a cutesy Hallmark movie, but this 80-acre apple orchard and farm market in the Hudson Valley is what farming dreams are made of.


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