Since when did Home Depot stores start doing this?

I'm not sure if I missed something or not but after spending a little time walking around the Home Depot store in Wappingers Falls, NY last weekend I noticed something that I had never seen before.

I'll admit it, I haven't been inside Home Depot in a long time but now that I getting ready to move into a new house I had to start replenishing my selection of tools and DIY items to fix things once I move in. I thought, "What better place to do it than Home Depot!" If you are a shopper like me and like to touch and hold things before you buy them, be aware that Home Depot now locks everything up.

Home Depot Store in Wappingers Falls is Hard to Shop at

As I made my way around the Wappingers Falls store I landed in the power tool department and as I was looking at tools I went to grab a drill and was shocked when I couldn't really try it out. Why? The drill was attached to a wire that was connected to the shelf so I couldn't hold it like I would at home. I didn't realize that Home Depot has begun to lock up many popular items so you can't really hold them without asking for a store employee to come and unlock them. It's similar to what happened when you try and buy razors or expensive creams at CVS and similar drugstores.

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Why Does Home Depot Lock Things Up?

After I waited for what felt like a year for an employee to help me...LOL... I asked them why they do this. The store employee told me that because they have such a problem with people stealing things like drills, power equipment, and copper wires most stores now have to lock things up so people can't steal them. A few months ago we shared how the Wappingers Falls Home Depot store is one of the busiest stores for shoplifters. Wappingers Falls police spend more time arresting shoplifters at Home Depot than any other store in town and because of that many items are now under lock and key.


Home Depot Locks Up Valuables

After finding the drill I wanted to purchase I decided to walk around the store to see what else was now locked up ad besides most of the power tools section the only other thing I found locked up was the wire aisle. As you can see above most of the wire section is under lock and key and like the power tools, you'll need a store employee to buy wire. Since when is wire that valuable? A different store employee told me that it has something to do with the copper inside.

The bottom line is shopping at the Home Depot will now take a little longer depending on what you are purchasing. Does anyone know around when stores started doing this? Call or text us through the app.

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