During a live segment from Goshen, NY, a CBS News reporter let it slip how he really feels about a strict LEGOLAND rule.

It turns out that LEGO fans in the Hudson Valley aren't the only ones excited about this Friday's grand opening of LEGOLAND New York. CBS's John Elliott was reporting live from the park this weekend during his weather segments, giving viewers a peek at some of the rides, attractions, and LEGO models as the park prepares for opening day on April 8.

During one of the segments, Elliott appeared to speak off the cuff, complaining about the park being "touchy" when it comes to discussing the famous LEGO bricks. The weatherman started the segment by wondering aloud what the plural form of LEGO is. This led to an awkward aside that appeared to be completely unscripted.

YouTube/CBS New York
YouTube/CBS New York

I remember when I was just a little kid, my LEGO bricks came with a letter urging users to refrain from calling them "Legos." The legal-sounding disclaimer was confusing to me, so I decided to write the company a letter about it. I quickly received a response that explained the company was afraid of losing its trademark if people began referring to the bricks as Legos. By becoming a generic term, anyone would then legally be allowed to use the word LEGO to sell their products. Companies like Xerox, Kleenex, and now Google have all had to deal with the same challenge of getting customers to stop using their brand name as a catch-all for other companies' products.

It's clear that Elliott was coached before his segment by LEGO personnel about how to refer to the bricks and didn't appear to be very happy about it.

You're supposed to say LEGO bricks. Because... trust me... They're very touchy about the plural of LEGO.


You can see the awkward moment in the video below.

Elliot appeared to get over his issue with the plural form of LEGO, visiting several different areas of the park throughout the broadcast including the Lego Factory Adventure Ride and Miniland. The segments were all sponsored by LEGOLAND New York.

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