Have you looked around at the cost of "final expenses?" Final expenses are defined as what it will cost to bury you or cremate you. From the cost of the funeral home to the casket, to the obituary, etc. Depending on what you want to do, the funeral cost can run anywhere from a simple $4000 for cremation (the cost varies on what type of urn) to $20,000 for a burial. Keep in mind the costs could include a casket, a cement liner, a headstone, the plot where you will "spend eternity," etc.

As the costs start to ramp up, one might want to consider burying (or interning) a loved one in the backyard, or somewhere on your own property. While it could potentially save you some money, is it actually legal to do this in New York State?

Can you bury a loved one in the backyard in New York State, legally?

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As with most items, when it comes to the legality of something in New York State, the answer to the question is a yes and a no, it depends. Yep, typical New York State. First the no. What does your town, city or village have to say about it? You will want to ask them first. When you head to the town hall, court, etc., make sure to have a copy of the person's death certificate. You could also head down there and ask the questions before anyone has passed.

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When is it truly legal to bury a loved one in the backyard in New York State?

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It is legal if your town zoning approves it, and you will need to pay a fee for the permit. The other stipulations are that you must be placing your loved one on a part of land that you own more than 3 acres of, and the body cannot be placed within 300 feet of a dwelling.

Is it something that you would consider? Is that where you would like your final resting place to be?

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