How bougie do you think the Empire State is? The results might surprise you...

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New Yorkers really are a breed of their own. I'm not from the area, but I've quickly learned that dealing with people around here is a little different. Something that has always stood out to me is how people around here usually feel the need to have the best/nicest things and feel the need to post and brag about it. A new study has revealed that this feeling is pretty normal amongst New Yorkers.

According to a officials, New York has been named the most bougie state in America. Soo the big question did they find this out? The study analyzed key words that were related to expensive things like products, brands and precious metals. Seriously, who is looking up stuff on precious metals these days? However, the study also revealed that New York showed the most interest in products per capita and designer brands.

A few residents are calling some BS on this because they've mentioned how New York City has a ton of expensive designer stores, tremendous wealth and not all areas of the state have this mentality. The Hudson Valley does have a few areas that could be labeled as "bougie". I'm sure people in Rhinebeck, Millbrook ,Cold Spring and more are used to this judgement, but it does make you wonder if their is a bougieness to the Hudson Valley.

Are there towns or cities in the Hudson Valley that should be considered bougie? What has been your experience there? Is this study not correct and is it really just talking about New York City? Share your answers with us on the station app.

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