Having a healthy work environment plays a part in our overall happiness. From supportive co-workers to having an understanding leader and most importantly, work that is rewarding is important.

A popular Hudson Valley business wins "Top Workplace Award".

It may be a running joke between my friends, family and I that this business is one of my favorite places to go in the Hudson Valley.

Growing up, I would go there and I still enjoy stopping by and picking up locally made snacks and grabbing their very own, homemade beverages.

Stewart's Shops has won the "Top Workplace Award".

When you stop at a Stewart's Shop, you know that you'll receive friendly service, a variety of food and drink options, a selection of their one of a kind ice cream and clean restrooms with farm scenery on the walls.

According to Stewartsshops.com "Stewart’s Shops is proud to announce that we have been honored as a Top Workplace for a fourth time!" Stewart's Shops is now known as "Times Union Top Workplace for a 6th time!".

There were a total of 6 different categories to define this title. Some categories included employee engagement, growth opportunities and company values and goals. For Stewart's Shops to win this award, they had to do well in all of the categories. 


Cornell University stated that they have the best milk in New York State.








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Not only am I a fan of Stewart's, but thousands of other people are as well.

According to Cornell University, Stewarts Shop milk is named the best in New York State. The Daily Gazette confirmed that Stewart's has been named the best convenience store and the best ice cream.

Whether you're looking for the best milk or ice cream or find the best place to work, all of it can be found in the Hudson Valley.





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According to NewYorkUpstate.com, "Stewart's Shops make the best peanut butter ice cream in North America."

How many Stewart's Shops are there?

There are over 350 shops that are across 32 counties within New York and Vermont. Did you know that Stewart's Shops are the largest employers located in the Capital Region? They not only have shops but also corporate offices and manufacturing plants.

It's confirmed, Stewart's Shops definitely has good vibes.

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