April is National Car Care Month. Thankfully, I can admit that I’m a regular at the car wash. There is just something about a clean, shiny car looking fresh from the inside to out.

Not only do we get our vehicles washed for the appearance but there also other reasons. Getting a car wash can protect the paint and clean off any pollen or pollutants in the air.

Also, if you ever plan on reselling your vehicle, it is important to keep inside and outside look as well as you can. I also enjoy purchasing the add on benefits such as tire shine, wheel cleaning and the infamous undercarriage wash.

In honor of taking extra special care of our vehicle this month, here are a few spots to visit to get that squeaky clean experience.


Newburgh Auto Spa, Newburgh

I love the incentives that come along with going to Newburgh Auto Spa. On certain days they offer a discount for veterans, women, and seniors. Along with professional car wash services, they also have auto detailing, vehicle maintenance and more. Find out more here.



Perry’s Auto Detailing, Poughkeepsie

Perry’s is known for their perfect touch. From detailing services to interior shampoo and auto wax, the options are endless. This would even be a perfect gift for someone for a holiday and or birthday. Be sure to check out more info here.


Angel & Son Auto Detailing and Handwash, Middletown

Who does not love a handwash car wash? Angel & Son offers wash and wax, a sports package and detailing. They take pride in being a family owned and operated business for over 30 years. Check out what they have to offer here.

Do you prefer to wash your car, or have it professionally cleaned? Share with us below.

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