If you ever dreamed of touring the world performing music for people, this could be your chance to make that happen. There is a position open in the West Point Band for their premiere popular music ensemble.

The Benny Havens Band

The West Point Band is the Army's oldest band and the oldest continuously-operating unit at West Point. The West Point Band was established in 1817 and traces its lineage to the field musicians assigned by George Washington when he established the post in 1778. Since then, the band has evolved into one of the most capable and versatile professional performing groups in the world. Through its 2,600 annual missions, the West Point Band continues to serve the nation as a piece of America's history. The West Point Band is made up of many components from their Concert Band, the Hellcats, the Marching Band, and Support Staff.

The Benny Havens Band in particular is a leading popular music ensemble in the Armed Forces, primarily serving the United States Corps of Cadets at West Point. The band represents the US Army to millions in live and broadcast audiences yearly. The Benny Havens band performs current and classic hits ranging in a variety of popular genres. Some popular examples include Michael Jackson, The Four Tops, The Jonas Brothers, Paramore, Walk the Moon, Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, and more just to name a few.

For those wondering who Benny Havens might be, Benny Havens served as a first lieutenant of the Highland Falls company in the War of 1812. Benny and his wife Letitia operated their tavern, a one-story cottage near the old cadet hospital on the base. They served ale, cider, and other home cooked meals that gathered faithful soldier and cadets daily.

The song, "Benny Havens, Oh!" was written by Lucius O'Brien and John T. Metcalf, and has become a favorite song at West Point and the military as a whole. Lt. O'Brien was an assistant surgeon in the army, and made visits to Benny's Tavern in 1838. During the Civil War, the song was widely sung in the army, and many verses were improvised. During the summer of 1865 when soldiers were returning to West Point, as they would pass the old tavern, bands would strike up "Benny Havens, Oh!" in celebration of their return. It was the man and the song that The Benny Havens Band was named after.

YOU Could Join The Benny Havens Band

The West Point Band recently announced that they are looking to hire a new musician to fill in on Vocal/Guitar or Vocal/Keyboard. The Facebook post above reads:

The West Point Band is a U.S. Army premier band permanently stationed at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York. Our main duty is to perform for local, national, and international audiences in support of the West Point community, the U.S. Military Academy, and the U.S. Army. All members of the West Point Band receive accelerated promotion to Staff Sergeant (E-6) and full military benefits (including GI Bill, Tuition Assistance, and 30 days annual vacation).⁠
For this position you will be expected to perform as a featured vocalist and rhythm section keyboard or guitarist with the West Point Band’s commercial music group, “The Benny Havens Band” (BHB); with the greater West Point Band for large scale events; as a soloist for ceremonial and social activities; and as a member of various additional small popular music groups.⁠
Preliminary Recordings due: May 15, 2023⁠
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The annual salary for this position ranges between $77,000 and $88,000 upon promotion to Staff Sergeant (accelerated promotion via Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program). You do not have to be in the armed forces to apply for this position.
To apply for this incredible position in The Benny Havens Band, click this link. It would be amazing to see someone in the Hudson Valley, the home of West Point, take on this incredible honor!

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