The increases are forcing multiple popular businesses to close their doors for good. It's safe to say everything in the Hudson Valley has gone up in price and things are not what they used to be. Crazy increases in rent, utilities, and even the cost of groceries has really made it hard to live comfortably in the area. Two local businesses have become the victim of dramatic rent increases and it makes you wonder...when will it be enough?

Barbershop in Beacon, NY is forced to close its doors:

Ugh, we hate to report on stories like this. The Beacon Barber Shop located on Eliza Street has been a thriving business in the area for 28 years, but they will be closing for good on January 14th.

According to the owner, the building's rent is being TRIPLED and the owners can no longer afford to stay there. This isn't the first one with a story like this...

Beloved pizza place in Beacon, NY is the second business forced to close its doors:

Roma Nova is a charming and delicious pizza place that has been a staple in Beacon for many years. Unfortunately, it was recently announced that they are going to have to close down for good. I was able to reach out to the family and get a little more information on what's been happening.

According to the family,

"the new landlord gave us the new lease and it was a gigantic bump from our current lease from $1800 to $3100 plus CAM costs. On top of that there will be a 3% increase every year on rent"

This is the same building that Beacon Barber Shop is located in as well.

V.Chase/Google Maps/Canva
V.Chase/Google Maps/Canva

The owners mentioned that they are not sure about the future of Roma Nova. They are looking for other spaces, but there are limited options in Beacon. They are a loyal Beacon business and do not want to move the restaurant from its home. How kind to take this stance and not be bitter about the situation...

According to the owners, they want to be remembered for always being fair and making dishes with love. The Tapia family does hope this situation could bring some attention and create a city law that prohibits landlords from gauging commercial rents and that can help protect small businesses.

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Roma Nova is located at 6 Eliza Street and will remain open until January 28th. If you go in, order something delicious and thank the owners for their dedication to the Hudson Valley. We wish them the best of luck on their new adventure and hope to see them somewhere else in the Hudson Valley.

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