It’s not a lie, true or otherwise: Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Netflix.

After months of rumors that Skydance was developing a TV series for the Terminator star and former governor of California, The Hollywood Reporter says the project has landed at Netflix. The streaming service “outbid several other outlets for the global spy adventure series from Skydance Television and creator Nick Santora. The show “will center on a father (Schwarzenegger) and daughter (Monica Barbaro).”

Santora previously worked on shows like The SopranosPrison Break, and Scorpion, which recently wrapped up a four season run on CBS. Barbaro had starring roles on The Good Cop and Unreal, and will also appear in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick.

For Schwarzenegger, this will be his first regular role on a fictional TV series. He previously hosted one season of The New Celebrity Apprentice, and is supplying a voice for an animated TV series called Superhero Kindergarten that was initially developed by Stan Lee before his passing in 2018.

The notion of father/daughter spies show vaguely suggests True Lies, Schwarzenegger’s 1994 espionage comedy where his character works for the CIA, unbeknownst to his wife — who then gets dragged into an adventure that could determine the fate of the world. Several of Schwarzenegger’s recent movies have also involved fathers and their daughters, including Maggie, about a man who must decide whether or not to kill his child after she’s bitten by a zombie, and Terminator Genisys, where his T-800 robot becomes a surrogate parent to a young Sarah Connor.

All in all, sounds like an intriguing series for Netflix. Let’s hope it comes together soon.

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