As soon as I hear the peepers, I automatically know that spring is here. This sound is honestly music to my ears. I even enjoy sleeping with my windows open to hear the peepers sing about the beginning of spring. Since they hibernate during the winter, once you hear them then it’s a clear sign of a new season.

I know that some folks know exactly what I’m talking about and others are wondering, what is a peeper? I grew up playing with frogs, riding quads and being out in nature with wildlife. I thankfully have learned about animals and the great outdoors.

Spring peepers also known as small tree frogs. If you have ever gotten close to them, you would know by seeing an x on their back, are smaller than most frogs and are typically are lighter. However, peepers camouflage themselves to look like they are apart of the tree and can change to look like such (super cool).

I was hiking this past weekend and came across the sound of peepers. I went closer and by the time I reached a pond, the sound was almost ear piercing. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I saw hundreds and hundreds of spring peepers hopping from lily pads. I was so excited to see all these peepers and got to experience hearing them sing their song. Their song typically signifies calling in a mate.

If you have ever recorded spring peepers, I would love to hear it and know where you spotted them. Have you ever heard the first sound of spring? Have you ever seen a spring peeper? Fill me in below.

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