The first time I heard or saw anything about a shortage of infant formula was on a Facebook page called Bad Moms of the Hudson valley. I'm not actually a mom, but they let me join anyway, and I find out so much about what’s going on around the Hudson valley. Anyway, I remember reading something about a formula shortage a couple of months ago.

Since I first found out about it, I have seen more and more posts about this baby formula shortage. And then I started reading news stories about it. I guess it didn’t really hit me because it doesn’t really affect me, but it is affecting a lot of people, and a lot of those people are right here in the Hudson Valley. According to Newser, even though we haven’t hit crisis levels, some retailers are starting to limit the amount of formula you can buy.

There are more than a few reasons why this could be happening, according to Newser. There is the supply chain issue, which is causing problems with many items, not just baby formula. There was also a recall of formula, and a plant closure. Not to mention the prices due to inflation. Not a winning combination in an already tough time.

One of the biggest concerns with this shortage is children with allergies and sensitivities who need certain specialty formulas that are especially in short supply. So, is there a solution? Don’t panic and don’t clear the shelves stocking up on more than you need. That will help others who are in the same or a worse situation. Hopefully, it’s a short lived problem that will be resolved sooner than later. How about here in the Hudson Valley? Are you having problems finding the baby formula you need? Share your story and your solutions.

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