We have a celebrity in the Hudson Valley! Well, kind of. Okay it depends on your definition of celebrity; does becoming famous for pretending to be famous and committing grand larceny count? Because that's exactly who's currently in the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, NY.

Inventing Anna

Anna Sorokin, the focus of Netflix's new show, Inventing Anna, and current convict, is our latest Hudson Valley resident. If you're unfamiliar with her name, you may be familiar with her face. Her story made international headlines as she sat trial for an intricate yet ill-fated attempt to convince American banks and socialites that she was a rich European heiress.

YouTube/Daily Mail
YouTube/Daily Mail

It's no surprise that Netflix jumped on her story, because it already reads like fiction. Sorokin was convicted on multiple counts, including grand larceny, after a jury found her guilty of using fake documents to try and convince a New York bank to loan her $22 million. She was also accused of a laundry list of other scams, from cashing fake checks valued at over $100,000 to convincing friends to cover more than $60,000 of expenses related to a vacation she promised she'd pay for. Her exploits eventually caught up with her, and after being found guilty, was sentenced to 4-12 years in prison. She was released early on parole in 2021.

So Why is She in Goshen?

Seems like Sorokin can't keep herself on the right side of the law. A month after being released from prison, she was re-arrested for having an expired visa. She is currently fighting being deported back to Germany.

Netflix and Chill

Sorokin was paid over $300,000 by Netflix for the rights to her life story. If you're struggling to understand how a convicted criminal could benefit financially from a previous crime, welcome to the club. Her payment was contested, and a portion of the assets frozen. The money was used to pay restitution to the people and businesses she conned.

So the next time you're on I-84 and passing by Goshen, why don't you check if she's accepting visitors? Just don't offer to lend her any money.

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