We are unfortunately living in a time where if you have allergies, others might think that you are sick from a pandemic. Are you afraid to sneeze, because people look at you like you are going to be passing potentially deadly germs their way? Yes, I have it too, allergies.

The pollen count forecast this week is already showing 3 out of the next 5 days for pollen to be "high."   What does this mean to you? Does this mean that you are even more nervous when you sneeze that you could be contagious? To be honest, when I feel that sneeze coming on, I start to mentally go through a check list in my brain of what are believed to be Covid-19 symptoms.
Do I have a fever? Should I take my temperature? Am I achy? Or did I just sneeze? It wasn't until I checked was I able to take my allergy medicine and then take a deep breath, knowing that it was just allergies.
I have never been happier to know that it is "Just Allergies."
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