Dear Furniture Store,

Recently I visited you with a friend who was looking for furniture. And she was so lucky to have found a couple of perfect pieces for her living room. They were even on clearance. It took her less than a half an hour to find and fall in love with these pieces. It took us at least another hour to pay for them. There were papers to sign, copies to initial, more papers to sign, more initials and this basically went on and on. And on. On the way out, she saw a pillow that she just loved but she didn’t buy it.

Fast forward two weeks. It’s my friend’s birthday and I happen to remember that pillow that my friend admired. I will visit you again to buy this pillow. Easy, peasy, out the door, right? Nope. What should have taken about 2 minutes took over a half an hour. I was buying a 30 dollar pillow. I brought it up to the counter and sure enough, papers to sign, copies to initial, more papers to sign, and on and on. And on. Again.

Is this really necessary? I visited other furniture stores with my friend and she also purchased pieces from them. But it was quick and easy. So I know there is a better way than the way you do it. Are my friend’s pieces of furniture nice? Yes, they’re lovely. Did she like her present? Yes, very much. Will I ever come back to visit you? Nope. You make it too hard, too long and downright unpleasant.

Thank you for listening and I hope that you will consider making some changes.


An Angry Shopper


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