We had a good run on this planet but it's time to see what comes next for us as, according to Eno Alaric, a self-proclaimed time traveler who posts updates and world news events on TikTok, aliens are set to arrive to our Earth.

March 23: The Arrival

Many of his other predictions are waiting for a global champion to save us. Some will be granted special powers like super speed and telekinesis.

The ability to read minds was something I always wanted as a child but after I signed onto Facebook, I'm pretty sure I don't want that ability anymore. I'm good.

Eno Alaric posts several updates to keep up to date with what may be happening in the near future. Most include acts of chaos like ice caps melting to unveil a new pandemic, major earthquakes or solar flares engulfing the earth causing weeks' worth of blackouts and so much more. So far, as any of these come true? Well, not that I'm aware of.

Now, take it for what it's worth, but I've also noticed an ongoing trend where they claim to be a time traveler, but for some reason, their other dates haven't shown to be, how do you say, true.

Like I don't remember a portal to 25,000 bc opening up on February 14th. At least it doesn't come to mind.

I do love the fact that Eno Alaric claims to be a time traveler and when is questioned in the comments section of his videos, backs up his theories and doesn't give in. Keep it up, buddy!

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