Police are warning the public about counterfeit money that's being passed around in the Hudson Valley, again.

On Tuesday, August 23, the Village of Millerton Police Department took to Facebook to warn Hudson Valley residents and businesses that fake money is once again being distributed.

Fake Money Being Distributed in Village of Millerton, Dutchess County New York


Police say this time all of the fake money has been fake $100.

"The Village of Millerton Police Department would like to make all businesses and individuals in the Millerton area to be aware that counterfeit money is being distributed again throughout businesses. So far it has been $100 bills that have been found to be counterfeit," The Village of Millerton Police Department stated on Facebook on Tuesday.

Police add anyone who has received any counterfeit money should contact the Village of Millerton Police Department at 518-789-6355.

Counterfeit Money Found Town of North East, Village of Millerton Dutchess County New York

In May, the Village of Millerton Police Department warned about fake money being passed around in the Town of North East and Village of Millerton.


"Please share this message with all the local shops and business owners in the Village of Millerton, Town of North East and local surrounding towns," the Village of Millerton Police Department wrote in Facebook in May. "Be aware of counterfeit currency being passed through for purchases - there have been a few reports in this local Village/Town of this happening within a few establishments."

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Cortlandville, New York Man Found With Fake Money, NYSP

In June, New York State Police accused 36-year-old Anthony Fenton of Cortlandville, a town in Cortland County, New York, of possessing fake $100.

"A trooper was dispatched to a report that a man attempted to use a fake bill at the Kwik Fill in the town of Cortlandville. The trooper located Fenton who matched the description of the suspect. While interviewing Fenton the trooper discovered that Fenton was in possession of six fake $100 bills," New York State Police stated in a press release.

Film Crews Suspected of Spending Counterfeit Bills in Greene County, New York

Facebook/Earlton Hill Country Store
Facebook/Earlton Hill Country Store

Also in June, a member of a film crew was believed to have used a fake $10 at a Greene County business.

A counterfeit $10 was found in the cash register at the Earlton Hill Country Store. The cash looks real but has the words "For Motion Picture Purposes" across the top and "not legal tender" written on the front.

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