Get ready New York State, there may be some tax money coming back to you! The tax season may have come and gone and perhaps your nerves have calmed down as well? There are reports to end the first week of May that some may be getting more money returned to them following a settlement with a popular tax prep company.

If you have used the IRS or Mew York State tax apps, no doubt you would refresh and check to see if and when you will be getting the money back that you are owed from the government. Many people use their refund to get things done around the house, pay back loans, save or use for a trip. However, given the current state of the economy, many are also waiting for the refund cash to use for groceries and gas.

When you used a service to help prep your taxes, you put a lot of faith and trust in to whoever is doing the return for you. But most people don't really know what happens with filing taxes or the hidden fees that may or may not be involved. TurboTax is getting ready to send out some checks soon after a settlement was reached.

CBS News reports that:

Under the settlement, Intuit must suspend its "free, free, free" ad campaign that promised free tax prep, but actually charged many consumers for the service, according to a Thursday statement by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

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