Did you know that the Hudson Valley is known as the Area 51 of the Northeast?

The Hudson Valley: A Hotspot for UFO Activity?

It's true! And with towns like Pine Bush and stories from all across the region of unidentified flying objects, it should come as no surprise. There was even a documentary.

Pine Bush, of course, is famously home to the UFO & Paranormal Museum and the wildly popular UFO Fair that happens every year in June.

Did Aaron Rodgers See a UFO in The Hudson Valley?

If you're a football fan you've probably heard Aaron Rodgers retell the story of a seeing UFO with his college teammate Steve Levy. Rodgers and Levy played football together at UC Berkley and Levy has ties to the Hudson Valley, his family is from the Cornwall area.

As Aaron Rodgers tells the story, it was back in 2005 and he was in NYC for the NFL draft. He then headed out to stay at Levy's house for the night. There's some confusion as to where this actually was, was it in New Jersey or in the Hudson Valley?

Rodgers clearly states the sighting happened in New Jersey. But here's how it went down according to Steve Levy who retold the story to
The Times Herald-Record

We started hearing this weird noise and we were like, ‘What the hell is that?; it’s 12:30-1 at night,’ ” Levy said. “We popped open the front door and we heard it, but it’s coming from the backyard. We go out to the backyard and before you know, within minutes we are in a daze because we are looking at something. It’s reddish, yellow, orange-ish and light, and it’s moving back and forth and peeking out of the clouds and going back

The Times Herald-Record also states:

"The sighting was at Levy’s family home in Cornwall, Orange County, New York, not in New Jersey."

Aaron Rodgers has been hit pretty hard a few times, so maybe he's gotten his locations mixed up. But I think it's safe to say The NY Jets quarterback had an alien encounter in Cornwall.

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Aaron Rodgers UFO Research

Unfortunately, it looks like Rodgers will have a lot of time on his hands to do more UFO research. On Monday, September 11th, 2023 during the first game of the season (his first as QB1 for the NY Jets) Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles. He will be out for the season.

If you don't believe us that New York (and the Hudson Valley) are a hotspot for UFO activity, just take a look below at this list of alleged UFO sightings in New York back in 2022, it's nuts!

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