Dear Mother Nature,

Hi! It’s me, Robyn Taylor. One of your many children. I hope you’re doing well, things have been a little hectic around here lately. You know, with the pandemic and all. So, I thought maybe I could talk to you about a few things today, if that would be alright.

First let me say that I enjoy your beauty daily. The mountains and river, the sunsets and sunrises, the blue skies. We certainly need to thank you for that and I am so appreciative. But there’s just this one little thing...

I know it’s winter, but the constant snow? Maybe you could just give us a little break this year. I know we haven’t been ideal children, and that we’ve contributed to the whole global change problem even after we were warned, but couldn’t you please punish us in small doses? Like maybe only have it snow two times this week? Because we’re running out of places to put it, and our backs are getting a little achy.

Or maybe skip the rest of the snow you had planned until after the pandemic? I know you’ve punished your children in other parts of the world in much harsher ways. Fires, earthquakes and floods, soaking rains. And I am grateful that you haven’t done that to us here in the Hudson Valley, but if you could just press the stop button on the snow for a little while, I promise we’ll try to be better about the environment. At least I will.

I know you don’t owe us any favors, in fact we probably owe you. But please make it stop, if even for just a week. Or at least until some of it melts. Pretty Please? Thanks in advance.


Robyn Taylor    

Hudson Valley Pets in the snow

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