Before you know it, you will be dressing the kids up for the big day (night) that is Halloween and you will be out walking around, going house-to-house, trick-or-treating. This is one of those events that parents either lover or extremely dislike.

Here are a few obvious, yet friendly reminders to help keep your little monsters, goblins, Spiderman's and princesses safe:

  • When possible, walk on sidewalks and make sure to cross the street at the corners. We warned you that these were going to be pretty obvious, didn't we?
  • Have kids trick-or-treat with an adult. What is a good kid to parent ratio? Depending on the group of kids? One parent to three kids is good. Remember parents, there is strength and unity in numbers. The more parents the better time YOU will have.
  • Stick to trick-or-treating in areas you are familiar with. It could be tempting to visit a neighborhood that has a lot of decorated houses so you (I mean, the kids) can get lots of candy, but unfamiliar areas could hold odd walking terrain or odd 'neighbors.'
  • Decorate costumes with reflective tape and when possible use makeup instead of masks as they can block a persons vision.
  • Have the little ones carry glowsticks or flashlights so they can be seen by drivers.
  • The time when most kids are trick-or-treating is between the hours of 5:30PM and 9PM. Parents need to be extra alert during this time. This is another reason it is good to have lots of additional parents with you as backup.
  • If you are a group of adults who usually take the kids around, encourage the adults not to put the Irish Cream in their coffee. Yes, it might help keep the adults warm, but it could affect your ability to keep the kids safe.

Are there any additional tips that you would like to add? What issues have you run into with your child's costume? Have you had any challenges with Trick-or-Treating during the new Covid times?

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