Are you feeling hungry? Thinking about what to have for lunch or dinner today? There’s no shortage of restaurants to choose from no matter where you are in the Hudson Valley. In fact, we’ve got so many great restaurants that making a choice is the hardest part about eating out. I guess it all depends on what you’re craving.

Sometimes you want to go out for a big fancy meal, and other times you just crave a good old American burger. Today we’re talking about those times when you’re craving a burger. There are lots of places to get a good burger here in the Hudson Valley and a few places that have exceptional burgers. 

I’m not walking about fast-food chain restaurants. You can go to a McDonald’s or a Burger King just about anywhere in the world. Even places like Red Robin and Five Guys are good, but they’re not exclusive to the Hudson Valley. I’m talking about incredible burgers, many of them made with beef from right here in the Hudson Valley.

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There are probably a couple of dozen places that fit that description, but these are five places that my burger-loving friends and acquaintances are always raving about. Ready? Here’s a list of 5 incredible Hudson Valley burgers.

5 Incredible and Local Hudson Valley Burgers

You Can Only Get These Amazing Burgers in the Hudson Valley

So, whether you’re in Dutchess, Ulster, or Orange County, there is a delicious local burger just waiting to be eaten by you. Better yet, take advantage of the fun summer days and try all five.

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