2020 was known as the year of the rat, makes sense, right? 2021 has had a pretty good start to a brand new year. We can also welcome in the Lunar New Year which is also known as the Chinese New Year. As of Friday February 12th, we will have our second new moon along with honoring the second animal on the Zodiac, the Ox.

Every year has different symbolisms for the Chinese New Year. 2021 marks the year of the Ox which signifies the zodiac sign and its hard-working efforts.

This new year holds a lot of symbolism. As we can all agree, this bring the opportunity of a fresh start. In China, this holiday brings joy, surrounded my family and friends, and celebrated for weeks. The Chinese New Year also welcomes in the Spring Festival, preparing for the harvesting and planting.

Do you plan on celebrating the Chinese New Year?

1) Start off by cleaning your space, decorate your area with artwork and red banners. Be sure to add in flowers to make the most of this special holiday. Your decorations can include red everything and everywhere.

2)Be sure to introduce chili peppers around your dwelling as well. Treat yourself to new clothing as it represents good a new start and good luck. Red can be added into the New Year wardrobe (it’s a power color too).

3) A celebration wouldn’t be complete with food so with this holiday, stock on your favorite types of fish, dumplings, and noodles. These dishes symbolize vitality and wealth. Dessert is also served such as soup bowls, rice cakes and muffins. Gifts are also exchanged during the Chinese New Year.

Did you know about the Chinese New Year? What do you think about the year of the Ox? Share with us below.

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