I have written about Equine Rescue Resource Inc. a few times in the past year. But I don't think I have ever taken the opportunity to tell you how you can get involved with the good work that they do.

Murphy with his Guinness courtesy of Manhattan Beer Distributors via Equine Rescue Resource Inc Facebook
Murphy with his Guinness courtesy of Manhattan Beer Distributors via Equine Rescue Resource Inc Facebook

Equine Rescue Resource Inc (ERR) is the organization that made the rescue horse Murphy's last year in the paddocks a special one. I told you about Murphy back in July. He was the horse that thanks to a generous donation of Guinness Beer from Manhattan Beer Distributors and other kind souls was able to live out his last few month well nourished. Murphy had become a resident at ERR after his second adopted owner past away.

As it is with many animal rescues ERR relies on donations and volunteers to get all the work done and when you are talking about horses there is a lot of work. Growing up around horses I know what it takes everyday to do what ERR does and the more hands they have the more horses they can help.

So How Can You Get Involved?

It is easy contact ERR through their Facebook page. They have a message button and respond promptly. You can also contact them at ERR Inc, P. O. Box 17, Pine Bush NY 12566. They also have a contact number (845) 744-1728 you can call. Find out how you can volunteer as little or as much as you want.

What Do They Need You To Do? 

A little bit of everything is the answer to that question. They are always in need of care for the animals. You can muck stalls, clean paddocks, refilled water buckets, stack hay feed and groom. If you have horse experience they would love if you could donate the gift of time. If you don't have horse experience but you are handy they will find stuff for you to do around the farm.

Why Volunteer?

If you love being around animals and especially love being around horses but you don't have one of you own this is a great way to enjoy being around farm. Let's face it horses are a big responsibility that not all of us can afford. So why not get your horse fix by being a volunteer. Volunteering at any animal rescue comes will a slew of rewards. If you can't help ERR then find a rescue near you. It will be the best part of your week.

Tribute to Murphy

Murphy the Old Horse Who Loved Guinness

Most of us were introduced to Murphy last November when Manhattan Beer Distributors donated him a supply of Guinness to help him thrive. Thanks to them and all the great folks who cared for Murphy over the years he had a great life. Equine Rescue Resources was Murphy's last home and we found these photos on their Facebook page.

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