Unfortunately right now, there is a lot of tough and unsettling news all around because of COVID-19.

It's hard to do, but trying to find some positive light in all of this helps keeps us all going.

I did some reflecting and I realized when times get tough and scary, I need to counteract that with the positive thoughts and think of all the things I'm grateful for in my life.

Here are 19 things I'm grateful during this time:

1) My family who loves and supports me

2) My job that brings me a lot of happiness

3)  My friends who are always there when I need them

4) A car that runs it might not be glamorous, but hey it works

5) Our community that is strong and always comes together

6) My education

7) Summer coming up soon

8) Walking the rail trail

9) Dogs

10) A cell phone that works

11) Iced coffee

12) Having a washer/dryer in my house

13) Having AAA for roadside help

13) When things get better and it's safe, going on a vacation to my favorite place Myrtle Beach

14) Chocolate Chip Cookies

15) Spiked Seltzers

16) Having a lot of t.v. shows to pick from

17) My laptop

18) Mascara

19) Hikes


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