Yes, you are not seeing things. The new quarters that have been making their way to the Hudson Valley (they were released into the coin wild on February 3, 2020) have bats on them. Samoan Fruit Bats. You might do a double take and think it just might be an instance of you don't have your glasses on and you are seeing things, but nope. Bats. Bats on one side.

The Quarters that are released in 2020 are paying tribute to US National Parks. The first quarter shows a Samoan Fruit Bat with one of her cubs hanging in a tree.

Do you collect coins? Did you collect the quarters from all of the United States? Have you ever been on a tour of one of the US Mints? Did you know there is a division of the US Mint at West Point? 

For parents who are homeschooling their kids during the Covid-19 period. Here are some free lesson plans from the US Mint, that talk about American Samoa and the Samoan Fruit bat:

  • Discovering the Role of the Fruit Bat (Grades 3-5): Students will learn about the fruit bat, its role in the ecosystem of the American Samoa, and design and play a game about fruit bats.
  • Patterning in the Pacific (Grades K-1): Students will identify, understand, and create simple patterns.
  • Trading Traditions (Grades 2-3): Students will identify the purpose and duties of an orator. Students will identify and share personal family traditions.
  • In with the Imports (Grades 4-6): Students will understand exporting and importing. Students will be able to recognize where resources are located, who needs them, and how they are transported. Students will understand interdependence in the production of goods and services.

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