The Wurtsboro-Sullivan County Airport has a very impressive story behind it that most people might not know.

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Many people know Sullivan County, NY. It's known for it's beautiful landscape, a common place where celebrities and everyone else can get away, home to Bethel Woods, home of the Woodstock Festival and so much more. Sullivan County also has another pretty cool honor and it involves planes.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

The Wurtsboro-Sullivan County Airport is a privately owned public-use airport located right in Sullivan County. More specifically, the airport is located on Barone Road and it's technically in the Town of Mamakating. According to sources, the grave of Manual Gonsalus (one of the first settlers) is located on the airport and it's one of the oldest tombstones reportedly in the state. The airport has changed ownership over the years, but flying lessons continue to go on and have since the 1920's.

According to officials, it is reportedly believed that the Wurtsboro-Sullivan County Airport is the oldest operating glider airport in the nation. How cool. Another pretty impressive thing is the late actor Christopher Reeve reportedly flew gliders out of the airport, Yes, Christopher Reeve the mega-famous actor who played Superman was at the airport.

There's a ton of history and cool facts about the Wurtsboro-Sullivan County Airport. Do you know more cool facts about it? Have you ever flown out of there? Have you ever taken a flying lesson there? Share your story with us on the station app.

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