I've never heard of the trick before, but I will try anything to prevent wrinkles and skin damage. My grandma was a hair dresser for many, many years and she is always my go-to person for beauty advice. The other day I was multi-tasking and talking to her on the phone while I was trying to put on my makeup (dangerous combination).

I told my grandma I was doing both and she shouldn't hang up if I have to put the phone down for a few seconds. She started asking me how I put my under eye makeup up and then proceed to make a getting older joke. Thanks Grandma....she said there's a special way you should put under the eye makeup and cream and it can help prevent future damage.


What is the makeup hack?

According to grandma, you want to use your ring finger to apply anything under your eye. She claims it's the most delicate and weakest finger and puts the least amount of pressure on the area. She also said under the eye is an extremely sensitive part of the skin and it's very easy to cause damage, wrinkles and marks there. Hmmm....

More thoughts:

I have to admit when I first heard her say it I thought she was crazy. However, my grandma has amazing skin and she really looks about half her age. Maybe she has a solid point with her theory about the ring finger.

Have you heard of this before? Is it just a myth or is there some truth to it? Let us know on the station app.

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